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 C L O S E D

Due to the closing of the recycling pickup provider, we are no longer able to offer recycling at our township.

We are in the process of finding a replacement company, so please be patient.  We are very disappointed to have to resort to closing.


The Paper Gator is still available for use.





This Recycling Module is a sorted material drop-off site for Hastings Charter Township residents and is located at the township hall.

Typical types of products (recyclables) we are currently able to accept:

  • Cardboard - Shipping, pizza, cracker & soap boxes   ***Important - Cardboard must be cut and flattened to the size of a pizza box***
  • Paper - Magazines, paper bags, phone books, bulk junk mail & newspapers
  • Metal Cans - Aluminum / Steel   ***Please rinse out containers to reduce the foul odors especially in warm weather***
  • Plastic #1 - #7  - Water bottles, mouth wash bottles, peanut butter containers, food storage containers, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, yogurt/butter containers, detergent bottles, sqeezable bottles, shopping bags

             ***Please remove caps & crush if possible.   This allows for more items to be placed in bins***

GLASS is NOT being accepted.  This is due to the fact that we are currently unable to find a recycling market for this item. 

All materials must be sorted & in a clean condition. DIRTY, contaminated items greatly reduce or destroy the value of the recycled material

Please do your part to help us make this project a success. 


Barry County Recycles Link 



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